Rebecca's Hair Raves

Working out of Southpark Hair Salon

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 Hair Extensions:  My choice of extension is  "vision Hair".  It is a remy hair with many choices to meet the clinits needs.  There is Temple Remy hair, which is the highest quality.  Also, there is european/temple remy mix for someone with very fine hair. The goal is to have extensions that only you and your stylist know.   If the vision hair doesn't meet the desire of the clinit,  I have other products to work with. I use three different  techniques to apply the extensions to your hair.

  • Hot Fushion
  • Crimping
  • Sew in Walf (I have created a new techique without braiding the hair first)



 AJ is a senior in high school.  She wanted to showcase herself in the Sr. Pictures the best way possable.  One thing she didn't like was her thin fine hair and she always wanted long full hair.


 After just a few hours, WOW!  AJ was so happy, it was exactly what she wanted.


 I used three different colors and used the crimping method.






Why Extensions??

 Hair Extensions are a great way to add thickness and make your hair longer with out waiting a lifetime.  If you've had a hard time growing your hair out, extensions help.  Another way extension are great is for adding color, as in high lights, low lights or the great red tones.    You may be a little scared to add color to your hair.  So just add a few extension for a nice way to test a new style without harming you hair.  If you like the added color we can add a few color foils in your own hair.  If not, we just remove the extensions.  This new technique (hair extensions) is very versitile. 







Emma has wonderful thick hair.  We practised her prom hair style till we found one she enjoyed.  It still wasn't quite right. So we added some clip-in 18in. extensions.  Ah!!  That made her eyes shine.  The style truned out just beautful.  Emma and her young man where overjoyed.

Alice loved her new hair cut but she wanted her sides extened down.  So.... I added a few reddish brown extensions to her sides.  The look came out great!  Alice was very happy